Remember the feeling of freedom you had when you first rode a bike as a child? Some people never lose that. Bikes help people carry themselves to schools, work or homes through all over the world but in some places they do more – they free you to have fun.
In the Gambia, people live by the philosophy “feel free”. What better place to start a freestyle bicycle stunt team in the heart of West Africa…

Service Interruption

Due to an unforeseen camera stealing incident there will be no new Gambia Cycle Chic for a while.

Outside the bakers waiting for the next batch of bread

Busy Basse Highstreet. Another guest post, this one’s from Kirby.

Catching a lift down the hill. The old sitting-on-the-crossbar trick seems to be more popular that the “backies” here.

Having a chat before crossing the river. Another guest contribution, this time from Sam.