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Remember the feeling of freedom you had when you first rode a bike as a child? Some people never lose that. Bikes help people carry themselves to schools, work or homes through all over the world but in some places they do more – they free you to have fun.
In the Gambia, people live by the philosophy “feel free”. What better place to start a freestyle bicycle stunt team in the heart of West Africa…

Catching a lift down the hill. The old sitting-on-the-crossbar trick seems to be more popular that the “backies” here.

Some more jazzy trousers, this time in JJB.

According to wikipedia the three horizontal stripes of the Gambian flag were chosen to represent the geography of the Gambia - red for savannah, blue for the river and green for forests. 

Red trousers chic

Cycle chic with a man-bag

Just popping out to get 45 Africell